In all of my work, in and out of the studio, I have three basic motives: fine tuning the balance of emotion and logic, serving others and dedicating myself to life long learning.

Artist, interior designer, stylist, teacher. I am an experienced professional, implementing a creative arts background throughout a 20-year career in client services and project management. Grateful for a well rounded education in the arts and interior design, I continue to build upon my working knowledge in various corporate, not-for-profit, retail, entertainment and the healing arts markets.

Kind, composed and tenacious, I am always in "solution mode," bringing my intuitive teaching methods to every event and project. Embracing collaboration, I am able to create a highly productive, relaxed and creative environment. As an independent contractor, I value opportunities, always working with a high level of ownership, accountability and initiative. 

My top five strengths are: 

1.  Empathizer
Empathizers are great at noticing how others feel and using this understanding to do something good. 

2. Believer
Actions of Believers are driven by the core higher values that cannot be compromised at expense of the success. 

3.  Philomath
Philomaths are in love with learning - exploring many interests, following new paths, learning as many things as possible. 

4.  Brainstormer
Brainstormers are excited when asked to come up with new no-limits ideas and to connect seemingly unconnectable. 

5.  Coach
Coaches enjoy discovering the potential in other people and supporting their personal growth. 

As an artist, over the last 30 years I have also mastered these skills through experience:

  • Multitasking

  • Preparing Presentations

  • Promoting Artists

  • Proposing Solutions for Organizational Problems

  • Social Media Marketing for the Arts

  • Teamwork

  • Time Management

  • Working Independently

  • Aesthetic Sensibility

  • Arranging Displays

  • Attention to Detail

  • Critical Thinking

  • Critiquing Artistic Expressions

  • Delivering Presentations

  • Instilling an Appreciation for Art

  • Leadership

Home, Our Inspiration...

Behind the scenes, my husband John and I continue to build our life as freelance artists. Our home is a place for us to create, entertain, teach and live out our dreams. I rely on my formal art and design education and experience when designing any space. A home should reflect desired aspirations and function accordingly. Our space tells an on-going story and serves as our sanctuary.


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